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Toolbox - 20. 11. 2023
Introducing Our Game-Changer: The Ultimate Skid Steer Loader Maintenance Toolbox
In the world of skid steer loader maintenance, precision and efficiency are key. That's why we are thrilled to introduce our revolutionary new service toolbox, designed to set a new standard in service excellence. This state-of-the-art toolbox is…
Dirt Monkey - 31. 10. 2023
Influencer Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek presents: Our electric skid steer loader!
We are pleased to announce that well-known influencer Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek has tried out our electric skid steer loader! He discusses its features, functions, and efficiency and describes what makes our loader a groundbreaking innovation in…
TECH4S - 23. 10. 2023
New partner TECH4S
In the picturesque Klaipéda region of Lithuania, a company founded in 1998 by two brothers and their father, specializing in the repair and trade of heavy equipment. Their evolution from a family business to a reputable company was no accident. It…
New feature - 16. 10. 2023
New feature for machines that everyone will appreciate
Servicing our machines is now much easier than ever before! The world of machinery is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and at FGI we are always striving to stay one step ahead. This innovation is designed to offer efficient and easy maintenance.
Specmash - 27. 09. 2023
Introducing a new partner from Armenia - Specmash
Founded in 2013, LLC Specmash is Armenia's leading supplier of agricultural, municipal and road equipment. Their goal is to modernize Armenia's agricultural and industrial sectors with advanced technologies and provide users with efficiency and cost…
Nellemann Machinery - 25. 09. 2023
New partner - Nellemann Machinery - Norway
Nellemann Machinery A/S is a leading supplier of professional machinery in Norway. The company not only offers a wide range of products for various industries including road maintenance, agriculture and construction, but also provides a…
Travel alarm - 20. 09. 2023
Travel alarm for greater safety
During one of our recent interactions with clients and engineers, we discussed upgrading a security feature. In response, we have integrated a new upgrade into our popular Elise product range to provide greater safety and efficiency on the job.
Farmer's Day - 13. 09. 2023
Traditional exhibition Farmer's Day in the village of Kámen
The exhibition will take place on 13 and 14 September at the field airfield in the village of Kámen in the Czech Republic. For the first time in the history of the Farmer's Day there will be simultaneous demonstrations of different types of…
Have & Landskab - 29. 08. 2023
Don't miss the unique Have & Landskab event in Denmark!
We are excited to be part of the upcoming event where we will have the opportunity to showcase our Elise 900 and MiniZ 400 electric machines together with our partner Nellemann Machinery. Be sure to put the date in your calendar and come and see us…
Cime - 22. 08. 2023
Introducing a new partner, together at the ZEMĚ ŽIVITELKA event
We are proud to introduce our new partner, CIME, s.r.o. A company with an impressive history and a great experience. The company was originally founded as a dealer of agricultural machinery. In 1994 it expanded its activities in the Czech Republic…
Elise speeds - 15. 08. 2023
ELISE, parameterization of speed and travel of hydraulics
At FIRSTGREEN Industries, we are constantly thinking about how to improve our products and services. We do not forget about the feedback from our customers and this is the reason why we can make many improvements and changes.
Lithium battery summer promotion - 07. 08. 2023
Save up to 33% with our summer promotion
FIRSTGREEN Industries always strives to push the technology forward. Adaptation to market trends and customer feedback is one of the core values at FGI. We are excited to introduce our full product line powered by the latest versions of lithium…
Koneyksikkö - 18. 07. 2023
We are growing in Finland
Koneyksikkö was founded in 2021 and is located in Tampere, Finland. The city of Tampere is strategically located with good connections to all major cities. "For a long time I dreamed of starting my own company and finally a few years ago I had the…
MPM Ltda - 12. 07. 2023
FIRSTGREEN grows in South America
We are pleased to announce a new business partner for FIRSTGREEN Industries in South America, thanks to the establishment of a new cooperation with a new strategic partner - MPM Ltda. MPM Ltda has been a strong player in the South American market…
Nellemann Machinery A/S - 04. 07. 2023
Introducing of the new partner
Nellemann Machinery A/S is one of the largest and most trusted suppliers of professional machinery and accessories in Denmark.
Expansion of cooperation with NEEC in New England - 28. 06. 2023
Northeast Equipment Connections, LLC
We are very proud to announce that after more than two years of successful cooperation with Northeast Equipment Connections (NEEC), we have decided to expand our cooperation beyond New York State. NEEC is an example of a growing electrical machinery…
Tanglin Corporation - 23. 06. 2023
FIRSTGREEN grows in Singapore
We are pleased to announce a new chapter for FIRSTGREEN Industries on the Asian market, thanks to establishing a new cooperation with a strong, new strategic partner – the Tanglin Corporation. Tanglin have been the leading force on the Singapore…
Think Green, Go Electric - 26. 05. 2023
Fossil fuels as a silent killer
Fossil fuels, especially oil, have long been known not only for their negative environmental impacts, but especially for their harmful effects on human health. The consequences of our dependence on these non-renewable energy sources are far-reaching…
Optimising the performance of the Elise 900 - 05. 05. 2023
We have added two new status/profiles to the machine - NORMAL and POWER
We have added two new status/profiles to the machine - NORMAL and POWER. These profiles allow users to optimize machine performance as needed while extending machine run time.
34th Annual Equipment & Vehicle Show - 26. 04. 2023
NYC Fleet Show 2023
New York City, NY - FIRSTGREEN Industries, a leading manufacturer of electric loaders for the construction, landscaping and agricultural industries, is proud and pleased to announce its participation in the prestigious NYC Fleet Show 2023, taking…
Press release - 14. 03. 2023
FIRSTGREEN Industries to Showcase the World's First Fully Electric Skid Steer Loader at CONEXPO/CONAGG 2023 Las Vegas, NV – FIRSTGREEN Industries, the manufacturer of the world's first fully electric skid steer loader, is pleased to announce its…
Machines fit for everything - 06. 03. 2023
Why choose FIRSTGREEN?
Our electric skid steer loaders have a number of advantages over traditional diesel-powered machines and thus represent a new generation of machines for construction, agriculture or demolition work. They have several key advantages over traditional…
Elise and MiniZ stock and used machines - 20. 02. 2023
Shop for FGI machines online
Introducing, the online marketplace for Elise 900 and MiniZ 400 skid steer loaders from FIRSTGREEN Industries. This platform offers customers the convenience of quickly browsing through a wide selection of both new and used…
B2B business development manager for Europe and Asia - 17. 02. 2023
Join FGI in Prague
We are looking for B2B Business Development Manager Are you a fan of start-ups and do you want to sell unique products? We are FIRSTGREEN INDUSTRIES, a central Europe based company that has developed and made fully electric skid steer loaders. We…
Baumag Luzern - 2023 - 18. 01. 2023
FIRSTGREEN in Luzern - BAUMAG messe with Brokk
The last week of January in Luzern is dedicated to construction machines - Baumag, the biggest machinery trade show in Switzerland is calling all operators, construction workers, contractors and enthusiast. Stop by at the booth of Brokk, our…
Join the team - B2B business development manager - 18. 01. 2023
FGI is hiring!
We are looking for B2B Business Development Manager Are you a fan of start-ups and do you want to sell unique products? We are FIRSTGREEN INDUSTRIES, a central Europe based company that has developed and made fully electric skid steer loaders. We…
See the future of machinery at Las Vegas‘ CONEXPO trade show - 15. 12. 2022
We invite you to meet us at CONEXPO 2023, the greatest construction and agriculture machinery trade show in the Americas. Hosted in the fabulous Las Vegas, March 14-18. Visit us at our US premier stand, where we will be showing all new technologies…
Floor plan financing from Mitsubishi Bank - 15. 12. 2022
Financing options in the US - Floor plan is here
FIRSTGREEN Industries US now offers diverse financing options, mainly through the floor-plan solution by Mitsubishi bank, or via direct equipment financing from Stearns Bank.Both of these options are supported or subsidized by FGI US, to provide…
Hendersonville dealer training - 16. 11. 2022
US Continental Premier
For the first time, our technical and sales team is fully staffed to train American associates and dealers at FIRSTGREEN Industries US' new central warehouse and manufacturing facility in North Carolina. They have scheduled a four-day intensive…
Bauma 2022 - Munich Germany - 16. 09. 2022
FIRSTGREEN invites you to Bauma 2022
Invitation to the Bauma 2022 Construction Machinery Fair We invite you to the 33rd edition of Bauma, the world's leading trade fair for construction and mining machinery and construction equipment, in Munich from 24-30 October. Join us at our…
Země Živitelka 2022 - 01. 09. 2022
World premier of the Elise900 MK3 on home turf
the traditional Země Živitelka trade fair brought with it over 100,000 domestic and foreign visitors who came to see more than just innovations in the world of agriculture and heavy machinery. For the first time, our company was proud to officially…
CORE Subsidy - 18. 08. 2022
Don't miss out
The Elise900 has been entered into the CORE program, courtey of CARB, where California companies can claim over 50% of the price in incetive money. Want to find out more? Get more information right here.
London Land and Water - 08. 08. 2022
London 2022 - We aren't afraid of the dirt
The British company Land and Water uses our machine in London for the really hard work it is built for. Can you imagine a worse environment in which to work than 70 metres of sewage tunnel?
163rd Great Yorkshire Show - 18. 07. 2022
FIRSTGREEN and Pro-Arb at the Great Yorkshire Show
We were honoured to attend the 163rd Great Yorkshire Show - the UK's most prestigious farm show, with some of the Royal Family in attendance. This visit underlines the importance of this event to the whole of England. Thank you to our dealer Pro…
Filming on the Most circuit - 12. 07. 2022
Next episode for Prima COOL
In the next episode, the final duo will compete this time in our Elise900 in a "challenging slalom." During the filming of this episode, the participants experienced first-hand the benefits of electric propulsion even in midi-motorcycles. Once again…
Elise900 MK3 on the production line - 07. 07. 2022
The first batch of the third generation
We have proudly begun the production of the innovative third generation of our world renowned Elise900. Improved in every way, the new Elise900 is better than ever, and coming soon to you. All of these machines already know the name of their…
Elise and MiniZ on the Tatra test track - 24. 06. 2022
FIRSTGREEN in Kopřivnice
At the beginning of June we took part in the traditional event Kopřivnice Days of Technology.We showed 30,000 visitors what our machines can do on the arid asphalt polygon of Tatra trucks.The enthusiasm of the young visitors, supported by their…
Visiting the factory - 31. 05. 2022
A Prima TV crew headed by "expert Pepa" came to our factory in Velká Dobra to film a story about our machines for their TV programme, Autosalon, dubbed "the Czech Top Gear." Expert Pepa had the chance to lay his hands on both the controls of our…
With Dia-Job at VEI OG ANLEGG - 15. 05. 2022
New image in Oslo
First public appearance under the new brand FIRSTGREEN in Oslo, Norway at the Vei Og Anlegg exhibition. We presented the machines in cooperation with our successful dealer Dia-Job together with our sales representative for the Nordic countries,…
Visit in Nýřany near Pilsen - 10. 05. 2022
NEVA Group - Open House
We would like to thank NEVA Group s.r.o. for the invitation and warm welcome to their annual VIP event, which we attended with our Elise900 and a pair of MiniZ machines. We greatly appreciate the friendly approach and we are glad that we could…
Almost ten years have passed since the first electric flash. It's time for a change.
Time for a change
The values we hold are fundamental to us. We insist on them in all circumstances.
Hard work, responsibility, creativity, reliability...
We didn't just create electric construction machines.
Being first at the start is not enough.
We're speeding up time again
Respect fair-play, tell the truth. That's fundamental.
We play fair
Emission-free machines.
A green world
Being the first one at the start is not enough.
Speeding up time
It's not easy to come up with something new, to be the first in the world.
Being the first
From the first idea to the first machine sold.
The electric flash
Preparation for Bauma 2022 - 11. 04. 2022
World's biggest
This is the beginning of the construction of our exposition, which we will present at the largest construction equipment fair in the world, Bauma 2022. The trade show, which is expected to be attended by up to three quarters of a million…
Bizon Cup 2022 - 05. 04. 2022
Proud partner
On the weekend of 26.3., the spring part of the Bizon Cup started. We are a long-time partner of the modern gymnastics club TJ VS Zelený pruh and we wish "our girls" a lot of sporting success and great experiences in this season of the Czech…
The Mat D'or trophy - 30. 03. 2022
We've conquered Paris
One of our French dealers, Kavik SAS, has nominated the Elise900 for the fifth edition of the prestigious French award for innovation in the construction industry, the Mat D'or. We won the award in three categories. It was presented, including a…
The MiniZ waiter - 28. 03. 2022
Shooting a new reality-show for PRIMA COOL
PRIMA COOL asked us to lend them our MiniZ electric machine for the filming of a new format reality show, which took place on the Most circuit in March. Our machine will represent a mechanical waiter. The MiniZ, adorned with cameras, offered a new…
MiniZ in "Špindl" - 20. 03. 2022
Time to party - Apresbar Labužník Špindlerův Mlýn
Instead of wrestling the snow shovel, we have much more time to take care of our customers.  
Poultry farm clean-up in Veľký Krtíš - 18. 03. 2022
Hens, hens, hens!
Our MiniZ easily handles work you don't want to do.
MiniZ double teamed by father and son - 10. 03. 2022
Tiny and shorty...
MiniZ, the smaller of our machines, gets handled by the smaller of "Electro Dads," little Jenik.
The National Farm Machinery Show - 21. 02. 2022
Elise900 and MiniZ on agricultural fair in Kentucky
The National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky, is one of the largest agricultural trade shows in the world. More than 900 exhibitors participate each year and the number of visitors exceeds half a million. KOVACO Electric exhibited the…
Jizerská 50 2022 - 14. 02. 2022
Nordic Skiing with Elise900
We are proud that our Elise900 equipped with steel tracks, which is helping at the Královka Hotel this winter, also intervened in the white track battles during the legendary Jizerská 50 cross-country race.
Sunny Sardinia
The olive groves of Sardinia
Innovations for rental companies that save money and the environment
Livestock production
Benefits of FIRSTGREEN on the farm
White Carpathians
Untainted White Carpathians
Rottrdam harbour
Shipping - traversing the oceans quietly and efficiently
Benefits of the machines
Why FIRSTGREEN Industries?
Plant production
Thoughtfulness, cleanliness and efficiency in agriculture
Mölltal Glacier 3150 m above sea level
FIRSTGREEN Industries at the Mölltal Glacier
Industrial environment - Clean and Quiet
Innovation for cities, municipalities and collection yards that doesn't disturb residents
Interior construction with FIRSTGREEN helpers
KOVACO Electric dealership in south Moravia by CZESEED - 14. 11. 2020
KOVACO Electric is proud to announce new dealership in South Moravia, Czech Republic.
Our dealer CZESEED responsible for Austria and Italy opened a modern showroom in Uherský Brod in close proximity to the historic centre of the city. Company CZESEED is one of the most successful dealers in our portfolio. CZESEED also helps us with…
KOVACO Electric partner for sports and elegance - 14. 11. 2020
KOVACO Electric are not only great electric machines, but also a proud partner for sports.
KOVACO Electric supported the Memorial of Míla Morávková in modern Gymnastics taking place on 13th and 14th November 2021. In those two days modern gymnasts were competing in all 7 categories from the youngest to professionals. You can watch the…
WROTE ABOUT US - 03. 11. 2020
On the occasion of the Grand Opening of our new production facility, several articles about our company were published.
It is not a paid promotion. Links bellow CNNEgapAutomakersEnviwebTechnical
Arbol Capital the owner of KOVACO Electric used the opportunity of the Grand Opening to also present another company in its portfolio.
An ultra light plane Ellipse Aero was parked right in front of the new building, showcasing its elegant shapes attracting many looks. The same plane did a low fly by above the new production facility to initiate a celebratory toast. A few of our…
The new KOVACO Electric production facility was officially opened in Velka Dobra on Wednesday October 20th.
The Grand opening event was the final step in the process of moving the production from Slovakia to Czech Republic. We were very happy that our invitation was accepted by many honoured guests. We were delighted to welcome many of our dealers from…