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Introducing a new partner from Armenia - Specmash

Founded in 2013, LLC Specmash is Armenia's leading supplier of agricultural, municipal and road equipment. Their goal is to modernize Armenia's agricultural and industrial sectors with advanced technologies and provide users with efficiency and cost savings. The expertise they have gained through their long-standing presence in Armenia and working with the local Ministry of Agriculture has driven their growth and enabled them to diversify into different sectors.

As a result, LLC Specmash supplies machines adapted not only to the needs of agriculture, construction and mining, but also to regional conditions. Recently, they have created a division to supply and maintain dual-use equipment for the RA Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Border Service and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Every product they offer is guaranteed and supported by a highly qualified technical team.

Today, Specmash LLC is an actively developing, ambitious enterprise with a scientific approach, dedicated to equipping Armenia with high-end machinery for optimal productivity and efficient development.

Specmash LLC is a strong and stable partner for us and we look forward to working with them.