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Angle brush - Explore 360°
Explore 360°

Angle brush


Width 1 800 mm70.9 in70.9 in, 2 150 mm84.6 in84.6 in with plastic or metal bristles. Possibility of 200 l52.8 gal52.8 gal water tank.

The broom can be equipped with sprinkling which significantly reduces dustiness
The broom is equipped with support legs to ensure its stability during weaning
Brushes can be plastic, steel or combined
The blade tilt can be mechanical or hydraulic
Technical specification
Compatible for
Type ID's
Working width 2 150 mm84.6 in84.6 in
Brush diameter 600 mm23.6 in23.6 in
Method of tilting manuálně / hydraulicky
Tilt angle ±30°
Flow of hydr. oil 50 -90 l/min23.78 gal/min23.78 gal/min
Pressure of hydr. oil 180 - 240 bar2 611 - 3 481 psi2 611 - 3 481 psi
Weight 350 kg772 lb772 lb